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Sharon Murphy is a singer, songwriter and performer who spent many years in Clifden, in the West of Ireland. She began to sing at an early age, and taught herself to play guitar.


She writes songs straight from the heart, personal songs that touch a universal chord in anybody who takes the time to listen.


Her singing voice is a truly unique sound. It's a voice that can never be described in words, a voice that, once you hear it, pulls you deep into her songs, her life, her hopes, joys and despairs.


Sharon's guitar playing is a unique blend of driving rhythmic percussive beats one moment, then delicate gentle fingerpicking the next.


Performing solo or with a band, she projects a style and a sound that goes from soul to reggae to folk to blues, all the time sounding original and real.


In concert, she is a bundle of contradictions. Serious one minute, laughing and joking the next, telling stories that turn into songs, putting everyday heartbreak under the microscope so that we can all see, and recognise ourselves in the mirror she holds before us.


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Sharons' brand new album 'Where I Belong' is now available to buy directly from this website –












 Forever Young on YouTube


In response to the many requests from friends and fans all over the world, Sharon has posted her own solo recording of Bob Dylan's Forever Young on YouTube. Click here to watch it.

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Forever Young, The Voice UK


On 31st of January 2015, Sharon sings Forever Young for her Blind Audition on The Voice UK, prompting Sir Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson to compete for her on their teams. Sharon opted to join Team Tom.


You can watch the full clip, including the Judges comments, here.