Sharon Murphy Music

(From The Telegraph UK) Unfortunately, just when you’ve said every mean thing imaginable about this show, someone has to come along to make you feel guilty – and in this case, it was 52-year-old Sharon Murphy, an Irish lady with a haunting voice and a dark back story...


(From The Metro) With competition hotting up on The Voice 2015, a new contender has emerged in the shape of Irish singer Sharon Murphy. The 52-year-old anti-racism campaigner – who revealed on the show that she had a difficult childhood growing up in an orphanage – almost moved Tom Jones to tears with her haunting rendition of Bob Dylan’s Forever Young. And she was rewarded with a place on his team after both he and Ricky turned for her – with Tom admitting: ‘You hit me in the heart.’


(From Digital Spy) Sharon's performance of 'Forever Young' was lovely. It didn't need the gimmicks, and Sharon wasn't trying too hard - she just had a simple style, but it was so effective, and her tone was really distinctive. And it was overflowing with emotion, too - so much so that Sharon ended up making Sir Tom a little teary-eyed. Will was bang on when he said that Sharon had an "old soul" - her performance was the one that really stuck with us after tonight's show, and we're so pleased she's made it through. She ended up joining Sir Tom's team, but even Ricky sounded choked up when he told his fellow coach: "She was destined for you."